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Repairing a leaking roof is our specialty. We are very experienced in tracing roof leaks and understand the problems roofs can have, either through poor design or just old age.


Waterproofing of the roof refers to the treatment of the roof surface to prevent water passage under hydrostatic pressure by making the roof system resistant to the passage or entry of water through it.

Conventional waterproofing systems involve the application of waterproofing membranes. This typically refers to layers of water-resistant materials such as bitumen, acrylic, etc that acts as a physical barrier that prevents water from passing through. This, however, relies on the proper application of the membrane, if otherwise water can still find a way to penetrate through the building structure. Concrete and flat roofs can also be waterproofed on any form of property such as residential, commercial or industrial buildings. Damage to your roof is an unavoidable fact as they are exposed to the elements all the time.

Fox Roofing

Our Specialty

is to repair a leaking roof.

Tracing roof leaks

Understand the problems roofs can have

Proper waterproofing of the roof system prevents water or any other form of leakages from entering the living spaces below.

Fox Roofing

Waterproofing Solutions

for residential, commercial or industrial buildings

Application of Waterproofing Membrane

Liquid Rubber Waterproofing

Waterproofing for allroof incl., Concrete and Flat Roofs

A proper waterproofing system safeguards your property and goods in the long-term against unwanted water intrusion.